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Being one of the oldest Backgammon is certainly one of the most popular board game too, In the game of backgammon two players can play simultaneously trying to win by eliminating all the pieces before the opponent player.

Board games were always one of the favorite past time since long time and still have a lot of popularity in today time, With the increase in internet users there are millions of people still enjoing this lovely game Backgammon in their devices such as smartphone and other internet enabled computer devices. The game of backgammon is a strategy game which also have involvement of luck with the role of dice. The outcome of the role of dice with get to decide the number of steps player will take during their turn with the movement of chips on the board.

Board is the part of game setup, as setup contains:
Checker for each player
Two dice
Two dice cups
A doubling cube
Being the finest and standard play of board, backgammon is still empowering people attention and the way they support as it’s a two player game but eventually you can challenge the automatic robot also. Being two player game you can choose another opponent to be the robot and see that how much skills you had developed yet and can be things which you can learn by playing against the robot.
Backgammon is strictly said as the strategic game , why? Do you know that making strategies over the luck sometimes help but in cases its always the luck that makes your strategy works in the end. Making moves by rolling up the dice and competing with each other gives more fun and these small strategies as in avoiding to be placed at the bar as it will be an advantage to the opponent. You must be aware of the placing checkers near to the end but luck is also an important factor that all the times rolling of a dice decides the moves to be taken and each time it ends on luck.
How our checkers move to the bar? Its when a player lands a blot .Blot generally it is the checker staying alone at a point and if an opponent placed his checker on your blot then your checker will be on the bar. This is the way we get out checkers to the bar. Objective of the game is to take all your checkers off the board before your opponent, this is the aim which should be followed while avoiding the terms and if a player take all his checkers of the board before his opponent took any one than it’s a Gammon and if a player did the same and having one checker in your home or at the bar then its an Backgammon.